I Must Stop Walking My Dog

It is just too much trouble – not the dog, mind you – Yoshi is awesome on a leash. I taught him early and he is very controllable.

MG 001

But as we walked through an alley we walk through often there was a lady in the garage with the garage door open, and a little bitty “yippy” dog. She was smoking a cigarette – the dog was doing dog stuff.

But just as we passed the home the outdoor floodlight lamp exploded – it was a loud boom, with a lot of flying glass.

I called out, asking if she was ok (since the circuit blew and the garage lights had also gone out).

“What did you do?!?!” she hollered.

“Nothing – I am just walking my dog”, I replied.

“Do you have a BB-gun?” she asked.

“No – just walking my dog”, I answer. And I keep walking.

I expect the police to show up at any time because – well, they sometime gravitate towards me. But they did not, and Yoshi and I made it home safely.

But that is two night is a row that walking my dog causes unusual questions.

So I think Yoshi will self-exercise in the back yard. It is 3/4 acre, so it should be sufficient. He will miss the neighborhood cats though. Except for the random stupid ones that come into the back yard.


  1. @Jane – I know – it is amazing how many times I think to myself, “This can’t be happening”.

    But I am happy you find it interesting enough to read – thanks for lurking!


  2. You have the weirdest things happen to you! 🙂 I think my daily feed reading session would be incomplete without reading a post from you. Just had to delurk.

  3. Yeah, maybe restricting the walks to the backyard isn’t such a bad idea: see http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/06/15/dog.swept.away.ap/index.html

    But then again, Deannie has a rather good point!
    At least get out in the yard too and chase a cat or two yourself.

  4. This makes me sad…you know you both need the exercise since you are both so computer bound. Can’t you choose instead to walk at times of the day when there is more light?