I need a "digg-like" voting system for comments

And if the community gives enough “thumbs downs” to a commenter, then eventually they disappear, either because they find another blog to annoy, or because their voice gets too small.

No, I’m not talking about my blog – I don’t have enough people commenting here one way or the other to worry about it.

But here are a few quotes:

….how come there’s an upgrade from XP version for sale …?

This was supposed to be an all-new code base (yknow..like OS X?) Instead its an upgraded XP?

So much for the Security stuff…

After seeing Leopard in action… the next five years looks bright for Windows

I admit I don’t have a clue what the argument is here – it seems to be bashing Windows, but then says they will have a bright five years.  And this:

It’s funny how those of us who point out the more than obvious shortcomings of various builds of Vista never seem to get any press. Nothing new mind you. This is a clique based business. It’s interesting though because I real thought you would get why Vista has shortcomings for the average user.

First, I don’t understand the first sentence at all -MOST of the press I’ve seen on Vista has been less than flattering (and until today I agreed with a lot of it – today I just agree with some of it).

Second, the poster never details what issues he/she is talking about.  They rant about poor security without citing any issues with security.

And then this:

NO NO NO NO NO!!! It doesn’t matter! IE was a total piece of crap anyways! It doesn’t matter if it gets better! It’s a piece of crap!!

Besides, Windows is ripping off Apple with Vista

First, the commenter seems a bit, well, deranged, actually.  There is no valid, or sustainable point made anywhere in the post.  None.  What doesn’t matter?  NO, NO, NO what?  IE ran the Internet for years, so calling it a “total piece of shit” certainly isn’t fair, or even logical.  Saying it will never get better is also delusional – how can this author know that?

And the final statement, with absolutely no data, not on single point to back up the statement?  Ludicrous!

Blogging software rreally should incorporate a thumbs-up, thumbs-down type of rating system.  It won’t tell you who the idiots are, but it might tell you who the trouble-makers are.

Let’s build it – a Widget that can work on numerous blogging platforms – we’ll call it “The Bozo Bit”, because the last company I worked at we would “flip the bozo bit” on people that were just not worth spending time communicating with.  They could only transmit, and never receive.  When we got a new General Manager of our business unit that had this characteristic I called him “The Jammer” – because he filled the air with so much static that no other communication could take place.

BTW, all of these “comments”, and more, are at this Scoble post


  1. Thanks David!  I’ll go look at it now.


  2. To follow up on my last post under this comment, and as promised, I’m letting you and anyone else who cares know that Battle Blog is in fact ready for download.  Good luck to one and all who so brave it. 🙂

  3. No problem Rob.  When I release the code (could literally happen any minute the way I work!), I’ll drop a comment here.  Maybe you can look at the source and come up with something similar in a different language, or even improve what I write if you code in classic ASP.  My first effort will definetely leave a lot of room for improvement by others! LOL 

  4. Thanks Dave.  Battle Blog looks interesting – I’ll have to play with it some.  It’s not exactly what I am looking for, but I’m sure I can steal some ideas from it!


  5. The Battle Blog system is probably the first blogging application to incorporate this Digg-like attribute for both topic entries and comments.  Voting comments off the board is known as "Battle Blasting" a comment away.  I authored it and am now working to get the word out that it exists, if only currently as hosted platform.   Frankly I agree with you otherwise, the more polished blogging applications  will  soon incorporate it.

  6. Someone just IM’d me and said, “So, you were a bit of an ass on Scoble’ sight last week yourself – would you get the bozo bit flipped”. The answer is yes – because I was an ass – I admitted that the next day. ANYONE can have a bad day.

    But the way The Bozo Bit would work is that there would be a centralized server that collated all of your “feedback”. If you are an ass too often your credibility shrinks and your “interestingness” level falls. Kind of like energy, or “life” in a first person shoot-em up. You could eventually build back your credibility, and your “interestinglyness” by posting and NOT being an ass. This wouldn’t be just a negative thing – it would also have positive voting. And if it could be used by numerous types of web sites – from commenting to social network sites, etc, pretty soon I think most people would learn to “mind their manners”. And that’s really what it is about – you wouldn’t come in my house and act like a turd – son’t do it on my blog – otherwise we will label you as a turd, and what you have to say just won’t mean anything to anyone anymore.

    Imagine comments like the tag clouds – where those with a high credibility on a topic have a bigger “cloud” and the turds just get reduced to something I don’ts pend my time reading… because they are small, and insignifiant.