I need a "personal assistant!"


I’ve always been fairly good at juggling multiple things in my professional life – in my last “big company” gig I built and managed the first (and best!!) WiFi QA group in the world.  At the same time I was in charge of global customer support, I ran the department responsible for fulfilling customer shipments, I was a member of the Competitive Analysis team, and I was the “branch office manager handling office building moves, build-outs, contracts, etc.


So one (that didn’t know me) might assume I have some organizational skills.  I don’t – and that was made very evident to me Friday evening, when my buddy Bob came over and casually told me “Oh, when Esther (his wife) stayed here last weekend she noticed both your car and truck have expired tags”.

Wow!  How could I let that happen?  So I went to check, and yes, my motorcycle is expired as well – and my son’s truck is unregistered and sitting in the driveway as well (I was waiting for him to turn 18 – because I didn’t want the truck in my name).

On top of all of that, my trailer has expired tags.  *Sigh*.  All of them expired in March of this year.  Tomorrow will be a *very* expensive day at the tax office.

But the fact that my registrations were all expired actually helped me yesterday.  How?  Well, I was going across town to play poker (Texas Hold’ em) with some friends, and Bob was over and going with me.  We decided that playing poker and drinking a few beers, then driving home in a car with expired plates was stupid – besides, if you can’t afford the cab, yet you plan on drinking, then you probably can’t afford to play poker anyway.

Long story short – we took a cab there – I paid $20 for it.  I bought it two regular games at $20 each, and one “stand up” (for those already knocked out of the first table game) for $5.00.  So far I had spent $20 on a cab, and $45 buying in to poker games.

I won $20 in the stand up hand (net $15) and $80 on the second table game (net $40).

Bob paid the cab for the ride home.  He didn’t do as well as I had – I was paid $55 to be responsible, and not drink and drive.

Cabs are cheap, and they should be considered a built in cost of your evening entertainment if you are drinking!


  1. Just saying I would love a personal assistant at times…no Texas hold up involved…

  2. Bruce, *hand on heart* that smile is there because I realize how fortunate I am to have such wonderful friends and what a FUN night we have had.

    The ONLY sign that should make you reconsider inviting me to your games would be that I stopped drinking alcoholic beverages.
    You’re not likely to see that happen anytime soon!

    And that was YOUR money I left with? I’m SO sorry.. I thought it was Rob’s!
    I’ll give it back next time.

  3. Bruce Hughes says:

    Yeah, right, Paul. You only play for fun at my game. That must be why you always have such a big smile on your face when you leave–with MY money!

  4. NOW it is πŸ™‚ – But I sold it in 4 weeks, two years ago! Damn, I loved that house though!

  5. “flipped $80K in a few months”

    Kiddo… we’re almost two years from that ‘deal’ now.

    That house is STILL for sale!

  6. Oh – Tapp’s. Yeah, I took you there because it was close to my house, I could smoke there, and I think I was trying to sell you my house at the time! Damn, you should have taken it -you would have flipped $80K in a few months.

    Of course you have that online poker thing going, so I am sure money isn’t too big of a deal to you!



  7. Oh, you KNOW I will! Email me her cell phone number (and send a bunch of singles my way!)

  8. The reason I mentioned Tapp’s is that THAT’s the place you took me and my wife too! BUT… I’m looking foward to the places you’re mentioning… AS for explaining to my wife… why don’t you take the burden out of that and take HER there? She’s in San Antonio right now!

  9. I *like* reading blogs. Better than books for me because I can apply very small time slices to it.

    If you were here I wouldn’t be taking you to little ass dives like Tapp’s. We would go to seriuos places that you would have a hrd time explaining to your wife. But you would love it πŸ™‚


  10. Rob, kiddo .. this is pathetic… here we are, on a Sunday night, disgusted by TV and just reading blogs.
    I think you should come over. Let’s go to ‘On Tap’, ‘Tabbs’, or Meg o’ Malley and get roaring drunk!
    THEN we go to Club 52 (Poker) where I will take all your money.
    All 52 cents.

  11. As for that last question: Rob .. (and I am NOT dismayed) “you’re not getting it”
    a and b were not two separate questions: I should have been more clear: what did Bob mean: a OR b? Pick ONE! WHAT did Bob mean to tell you!

    As for “self involved, self consumed, self-indulgent and self-centered” .. what’s your point?
    I have a wife!

  12. Uh… yeah, nothing on TV – I am watching “Towering Inferno” on the HDMovie channel. Sucks I have been reduced to this. But really, I am mostly reading blogs!

    a) Yes – I need to do that – doing it tomorrow. I have all the paperwork ready (and a blank check I figure will run to at least $500)

    b) No thank you – I have the best kind of wife – an EX-wife! Seriously though, I am too self involved, self consumed, self-indulgent and self-centered for a wife!

    Last – I don’t get the question about “what was Bob telling me”? I just don’t get it? The fact my life is unscheduled has nothing to do with Bob (except he sometimes makes it easier for me to STAY unorganized!)


  13. On re-reading (hey… my wife is out of town, it’s raining, nothing on TV and I’m currently DISGUSTED with online poker) this post I was wondering:
    WHAT was your buddy Bob telling you?

    a) You need to renew your tags.

    b) You need a wife.

    Or, looking at the title you gave this post, what did YOU think he was telling you?

  14. I agree, sometimes it’s not the winning. (well, Online I ONLY play to win).
    But given that winning IS fun, when I am in a mood to play poker to WIN rather than to have fun, I’m REALLY rubbing my hands in glee when I find myself in company who ‘play to have fun, and not to win’.

    Disclaimer: At poker games at my buddy Bruce’s place, I, of course, always ONLY play for fun! πŸ˜‰

  15. Hah! You assume I am playing to win – I love winning, but I play to play. I never walk into a casino thinking I am going to “win” anything. I walk in thinking, “I’m going to spend X amount of dollars on entertainment today”.

    Sure, winning is fun – but I don’t enjoy playing with people I don’t know, because to me it’s about the time spent with people, and not the chips spend on poker.

    But damn, it’s good to win!


  16. There is a third alternative to driving home plastered from a poker game with friends.

    One that actually improves BOTH your chances of getting home safely AND winning quite some money at the table!

    Don’t drink!

    I know, you probably frown upon hearing this from, of all people, ME, but especially for the poker part of it: if you really want to make some money .. it’s probably not going to work if you drink! You’d play too loose! ASK me how I know this!! πŸ˜‰

    And of course there’s the fourth alternative: Play online. Although I DO realize that that’s not as much fun as getting plastered with a bunch of friends … while taking eachothers money.