I owe Michael Yon $79.00

** Update **

Per my comment below – adjusting what I won, I have completed the $155 donation to Michael’s efforts.  Michael – keep up the good work!









As I mentioned in a post yesterday, I am contributing 10% of my earnings (or losses) to Michael Yon.

At 7pm I would have owed Michael about $85 – because I was about $850 in the hole. 

But I played on my favorite table, with my favorite dealer at 7:07 PM on 07/07/07 which happens to be my birthday.

And I won with a straight flush.  And won again.  And more.  I won enough that now I owe Michael Yon $79.   Because I won enough that I am in the positive now for $790.00. 

But I failed to mention that the minimum I would donate to my “10 percent” is $100.

So $100 out to Michael via Paypal on Monday (after I get home).

Everybody wins.

Life is good.