I rarely watch movies in the theater

I prefer to buy the DVD, and watch it in my own house, on my own TV. 

One of the last movies I watched in a theater was Black Hawk Down.

I knew I couldn’t see the movie alone, so I went with one of my best friends.

The first few minutes of the film were almost intolerable to me – the helicopter crash scenes were too realistic, and for the first time in my life (and hopefully last) I think I had a flashback – to a helicopter crash I was in more than 15 years before.  But the scenes were so realistic – and they were in slow motion – which is exactly what my crash felt like – I could barely stand it.  I wanted to leave.  I almost left.  The only reason I stayed is because I was there with someone that I trusted completely.  I knew he “had my back” and that he would carry me out of there if he needed to.

There were too many helicopter crashes in that movie for me to be comfortable with it – the only other movie I have a similar reaction to is Apocalypse Now.  They are such different films I wonder why I get similar discomfort from them. 

I don’t think I have a lesson to share with this story – I was in a helicopter that “failed to fly”, and we hit the tarmac – hard.  I was injured, and limp to this day because of it.  If there is a lesson it escapes me at this late hour.  Perhaps tomorrow I will revisit this post and see if I can find a lesson.  This isn’t a story I have shared often, so I haven’t really thought of any lessons I may have learned from it – except to stay off helicopters!



  1. Do you think it could have been the sound effects…the vibrations that come from those really large surround sound speakers in theaters can really rattle you….