I received a "Notice of Collection" letter today…

From a garbage pick-up company in Florida (where I lived for 8 months and four hurricanes in 2004).  They say I owe them $122 dollars because I am the last owner of record they found for the property (that I briefly owned) on the Tax Assessor’s web site.

That sucks.  I sold that house almost exactly two years ago.  But since this garbage collector picked a garbage of a company to collect on old debts, I have to take time and respond to this – even though it’s not my bill – I sold the house >18 months before these charges were incurred.

It’s too bad I can’t charge-back this company what their lawyer’s would charge me per hour!  Why can they make stupid mistakes like this and have it cost me time?

And I’d like to tell you this is the first time this same company made the same mistake on the same property I sold two years ago.  It happened about six months after I sold the property.  Yes, it sold again a few months ago, and now they again think I own it.