I rode a Segway Today (two of them, in fact)

Not a big deal for a lot of people, I suppose.  But I learned a lot about a ton of disciplines by studying how the Segway worked – everything  from battery technology to gyroscopes, embedded software to user interfaces.  It really is a well designed (perhaps even sculpted) product.  It was many years ago or so that I was so deeply interested in the Segway – when most people were reading about in on Web sites I was reading about it in the US Patent and Trademark site – and any other place I could find that had technical data on the machines.

image But I didn’t go out this evening to play, I went to see a Webcast of the MIT Enterprise Forum’s A.B.L.E. Tech: “Achieving Better Life Experiences for People With Injury, Disability, and Aging Challenges Through 21st Century Technologies”.  It was an amazing and inspiring experience.  The “what can be done” in this arena far outweighs the “what has been done”.  This field is wide open for entrepreneurs – and this show is an inspiration to anyone wanting to build something for all of the right reasons.

But the Segways were not there just for fun.  The couple who hosted the event in involved with a charity that obtains Segways to give to disabled Vets.  They never once pushed the charity they are involved in – never once mentioned the name of it, even.  Although I think it is here.   What a great program!  For a lot of our Vets, mobility is a key factor to getting them healthier, happier, and productive – exactly what they all work so hard to achieve. 

To tie everything together – the Webcast was provided by MIT, and both of our hosts were MIT graduates.  Also, Dean Kamen,  inventor of the Segway (and so many other life-changing devices) was on the three person panel.  Very cool!

In all, it was a much more pleasing way to spend an evening than watching repeats on television.  Definitely has me thinking about what I might do in this area.