I should read my own blog now and then

What I mean is, I should visit the website more often, instead of just using my blogging software to write posts and answer comments.

About a week ago I made a couple changes to my configuration.  I wasn’t aware of it until today, but they were not all good changes :).  I noticed my page views were way down, even though hits (mostly caused by the Microsoft Vista post) were up – way up.

I then saw page load times were also way up – it was taking longer to display each page.  Duh!  I knew where to look right away, and I was right.  I had intended to reduce the number of front-page articles from 8 to 5 because I was getting a lot of hits at time, and I thought that might speed things up.  Instead I changed the numer of front page articles to 58!

Wow – my bad, and sorry for that!  I certainly didn’t mean it.  And it DID drastically redeuce my page views even though traffic was 7x more than normal.  But I guess when you can get 58 posts just by scrolling down, there isn’t much cause to change pages!

Anyway, sorry about that.  THings are running much faster now (and the DNS issues seem to have worked themselved out as well).