I support Rackspace – if you have an issue call me. Any time.

I’ve tried to keep my job off my blog – for the most part.

But trying to separate who I am from who I work for is silly.

This blog is NOT an official Rackspace property – want to make that clear.  Also want to make it clear that I do NOT want this blog to be a support channel for Rackspace.

And it doesn’t need to be.  For over a year I have shared my cell phone and personal phone numbers on Twitter.  If you are a Rackspace customer with issues, or a potential customer with questions – I want to talk to you.

You don’t need to be Techcrunch, or Chris Brogan to reach me – honest.  I am a phone call or an email away – and I will help you.  It is the favorite part of my job.  I LOVE helping customers.

But it ticks me off when people don’t know I am here – or think I am only here for “a-listers”.  I am here for ANYONE that is using Rackspace and has issues.  Or wants to use us but wants to learn more.  Or HAS used us, and wants to share why they left us.

I’m here – damn near 24/7.  I am here to help – and to make stuff happen.

If you need Rackspace, talk to me.  My job is talking to people just like you – be it support or sales issues.  I don’t have all the answers – but I have access to the people that do.

So here is my offer – if you need Rackspace – for any reason – ping me.  Ask me for help.  I LOVE to help.  Being helpful is why I show up every day.  It energizes me.  It makes me happy to be at Rackspace when I can be helpful.

There are many ways to contact me.  They are listed below.  But never be shy – include me.  I promise that I will help you as much as a person can.

Skype: rlagesse

AIM: mossorob

MSN IM: rlagesse@msn.com

Email: rob.lagesse@rackspace.com or rob@lagesse.org

Phone: cell – 210-845-4440 or my home number at 210-370-3861

GTALK – rlagesse@gmail.com

You don’t need to be an “a-lister” to get my attention – you just need to let me know you NEED attention.  And you need to be willing to let me help.



  1. @Paul – it’s a rapidly changing world – and Rackspace is quickly adapting to and adopting it. We actually encourage EVERYONE at Rackspace to talk to customers – and we pro-actively train them in what they should never talk about. Sure – there is a learning curve, and sometimes it is painful. But if our key customers can’t talk to our key employees we are going to fail.

    I love it when developers talk to customers. I hate it when developers (or anyone lse) says something stupid. But I love the fact that we are willing to take that risk, and trust our Rackers.

    Of course – we are an odd company. EVERY Rackspace employee is considered an “insider” – because we have monthly “Open Books” – where the books are really open. And emails from the CEO to the Board of Directors are posted for all of us to see.

    Since you know me so well – you know how attractive this is to me 🙂

    So we face the dangers, learn from our mistake – and try to stay as open as possible, and tom be as communicative with customers as we can possible be.

    I think it is a fundamental shift in the way companies do not only support – but marketing.


  2. Paul Claessen says:

    I really like seeing the other “Robs” jump in and making themselves available as well.

    However, I wonder what their superiors think of that.

    For the longest part of my career I have been a developer and I always LOVED to interact with both the end-user (our customers) and our support people from the various worldwide subsidiaries.

    And this was a HUGE no no!

    Per definition customers could NOT talk to developers, and even the various support centers in Europe were denied direct contact with developers.
    They had to go through International support, and even THOSE gusy were supposed to file problem reports and not come up one floor and talk to developers.
    I have always thought this was WRONG and SHORT SIGHTED.
    And, the rebel that I was, knowing many of the European support folks (and customers!) personally, I have always provided a direct link from them to me. Them, me and PARTICULARLY the company have always benefitted GREATLY from these contacts.
    And yet, EVERYTIME it became clear that support people (or, oh horror, customers!) had had direct contact with me concerning certain issues, I have been chewed out thoroughly by my superiors at the highest levels.

    (I always patiently listened to their explanations of why these contacts were BAD, but they never cared to listen to my explanation of why they were actually, demonstrably, VERY GOOD)

  3. @Paul. Seems like there are a LOT of us Robs. And Davids, and Daniels, etc. But with almost 3,000 employees I guess that is to be expected!


  4. Paul Claessen says:

    Is it a prerequisite to be named ‘Rob’ in order to work for Rackspace?

  5. Rob Webster says:

    Wow. Seriously. Wow. People have legitimate fears with hosts, and the fear is that it’s an offshore sham of an operation with terrible support that may just disappear or go offline and be impossible to contact. Of course this isn’t true for most, but when any schmuck can set up a great looking front-end website that looks professional, it’s just hard to know. So a post like yours is remarkable. And it confirms what I observe: Some IT/Tech support people are working stiffs. But others are in that field because they love to help. They have the answers and find incredible satisfaction in problem solving and helping people. Kudos, and thanks. I think I know which kind you are.

    • Rob – thanks for the comment. I know exactly what you mean. Pretty websites are often just that. People make the difference (they always have).

      I just get frustrated when people don’t know that I am here to help – and there are almost 3,000 other Rackers here helping me help! Glad my little “post of frustration” reached some of those customers (and others as well)


  6. Hey there…we don’t use Rackspace, but I have to say, I love the tone of your blog and will recommend my IT team look at your services for our Saas software. Very cool, dude (as we say in Calif!)

  7. Kelly C aka @pentaxfan says:

    Rob, Thank you for being so accessible, now to get more people calling you for the right reasons! I absolutely love Rackspace but made a mistake and subscribed to another provider just because of price! What a mistake that was. I saw what Rackspace had to offer (thanks to Leo Laporte and Twit) and even tried it out. I needed (I thought) 3 separate sites and got a good deal without the likes of Rackspace support or background. When I do have a chance and my present contract expires I will certainly move my business pages over to Rackspace. I am looking forward to the support and professionalism you all provide!

    Thanks again for everything Rackspace does!

    • Kelly – thanks. I love being accessible. I love helping when things aren’t working too well and also when people just want to learn more about what we offer.

      When you are ready to consider Rackspace, you know how to find me 🙂


    • Rackspace is great for managed servers. You really do get what you pay for.

  8. As another Rob at Rackspace (we are legion), I’m also available to help. I work in the Cloud division but that doesn’t mean I only know “cloud stuff” so please feel free to contact me too:

    email: robert dot collazo [at] rackspace dot com
    mobile: 210-548-5173
    office: 210-312-3115
    gtalk: robert dot collazo [at] gmail dot com

    • As yet another Rob(ert) at Rackspace, I, too, am happily available to our customers at any time. Of course, our normal Support lines are dedicated to help customers and are staffed around the clock. But there are times that our customers need a direct resource as an adjunct to our Support offerings. Count me as an inside contact that is willing to help either solve issues or find the right path that leads to satisfaction.

      My contact info:

      Robert J Taylor
      Email: robert.taylor@rackspace.com
      Phone: +1.210.548.5616
      AIM: robotterror
      Skype: rjamestaylor
      GTalk: rjamestaylor@gmail.com

      Call or chat – if I’m available I’m happy to help!


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