I think Visually

In meetings, I don’t take notes.  I doodle.  The odd thing is, I can look at those little circles, oddly contorted human faces, aligned polygons.. whatever – and a month later, I remember the context.  I remember the meeting.

To anyone else, or even to me, looking at it looks more like I was bored, and not paying attention.  Unless I know the context.  Somehow those doodles remind my odd brain of exactly what we were talking about.  And what I need to deliver.  To me it makes sense.

I can’t explain it.

But I think of almost everything in “pictures” – mental images, that kick off a data retrieval process.  Certainly this involves a lot of mental tagging – in fact, there is probably a ton of “social networking shit” going on in my head. I also process relationships in contexts – that is generally what pictures remind me of.

So I bought 22 new white boards for the office (the big ones), and put them everywhere.   In the hallways, wherever.

And I watched people start to use them.  Some are always covered with technical stuff.  Some are always more like a graffiti wall.  But they all tell me either what people are thinking about, or how people are feeling.  Interesting more now than I realized before I started this post.

Since so many people draw, create, architect, or animate on these white boards, I wonder how many of them think more like me than I imagine?



  1. I’m the exact same way. I have white boards all around me. My team always knows to let me sit closest to the white board during any meeting because I’ll be using it the most. We have actually decided on team cubicle locations based on proximity to white boards.