I took my dog to the liquor store…

(yes, really – that’s why I love living in San Antonio!)

Anyway, that’s not really what this post is about – but the manager of the store does love my dog, so she’s always glad when I take him for a visit.  Today Yoshi (my dog) was wagging his tail and lightly brushing the bottom row of bourbon bottles.  I wanted to move him away from the bottles but the manager said, “That’s ok, he’s just dusting of all of that old stuff”.

I asked why it was “old stuff” and she explained to me it just didn’t sell very well – and I mentioned the fact that the bottles were at floor level, and dusty may account for that!

I remember when I ran a Radio Shack store some 25 years ago – we sold these stupid little magnifying lens headsets things with a light on them.  I thought they were dumb, so I never ordered any of them (I was supposed to keep 5 in stock).  One day my district manager came in and noticed the peg for these things was empty and asked me why.  My response was, “Because they are stupid – nobody ever buys them anyway!”.  Charlie replied, “Then why don’t you have five in stock?”.

Of course, I had no answer for that – and I kept my inventory level at the appropriate levels after that – but I never forgot the simple lesson I learned that day – “you can’t sell what you don’t have, and you can’t sell it if your customer’s can’t see it” – so I made the manager of the liquor store a bet – I bet her a case of beer that she would sell 20% of the bottles of bourbon in a week if she dusted them off, moved them to a top shelf, and marked them as “on special”.

We’ll see in a week if I was right.  In the meantime, if you are anywhere near here:


and you want some bourbon, stop in and buy a few bottles.  You’ll be helping me win the bet!


  1. I won – they sold 32% of their old stock. I really knew I would win though it’s human nature to buy things that scream “I’m cheap, buy me”. Anyone that works in retail knows this.

    So I got a free ( well deserved) case of beer, and it’s in my 34 degree beer ‘fridge right now, getting ready for the NFL season to kick off.

    I’ll really enjoy that beer – cold, and free!


  2. Ouch! I was STILL married when I was living in Hawaii – so the chances of sex on a mountain happening then were fairly remote! And it *wasn’t* a stewardess – and to cut your next retort off quickly – it wasn’t a steward either (you evil baaastard!) πŸ™‚

  3. Rob, kiddo, a quicky on a parking lot near Diamond Head mountain on Oahu doesn’t count as a membership to the Mile High Club!
    Not only is that thing only 762 Ft high (speed bump!), but you’re supposed to be in a plane! Doing a stewardess in the bed of a beat-up pickup truck doesn’t count!

  4. Damn – they are taking the ONLY fun I ever had flying off the table… wait – that isn’t true. Once I joined the “Mile High Club” – no alcohol was involved, and no stewardesses were harmed in the achievement of that event!

  5. Drats!

    I asked Dawnell to pick me up such a ‘special’ (dusted and placed such that you probably trip over it) bottle…

    No liquids on planes anymore…