I voted this morning (but I should dress more carefully)

I wanted to get at my polling place between 10-10:30 this morning – but I got caught up on some blogs, and was running late.  I really wanted to beat any lunch rush, so I hurriedly showered, dressed, and headed out the door at 10:45.

My polling place is minutes from my house, and it turns out that although they said they were busy in the morning, I was the only voter at the time.  As they were verifying my ID the lady asked me if I was trying to make a political statement with my T-shirt and my initial reaction was, “Crap, what am I wearing?” – I’ve been given some pretty weird shirts over the years.

It turns out that the T-Shirt was on backwards.  It has similar logos on the front and back, and I was rushed.  I also thought the lady was serious for a second until she started cracking up.

I voted (and turned my shirt around in the booth) and when leaving told the lady that I had decided at the last minute to vote completely opposite of what I had planned, since obviously it was a backwards day for me.

They all got a laugh or two at my expense, and I’m fine with that.

I like making people smile.