I was Windows – now I am Mac – the REALLY simple reason why

I was a Mac customer during the 90’s – a Newton developer, I helped add wireless to the first Mac laptops (can anyone remember Digital Ocean?) and just loved the Mac.

Then we became a big company with Outlook, and managed desktops – and all that other evil crap. I was moved to Windows.

I took a new job with Rackspace and they asked me, “Windows or Mac?” – I was honestly surprised – I didn’t know many large companies that gave you a choice. I chose Mac.

But that is the story of how I got BACK to Macs – not why. The why is pretty simple.

As a PC user I bought new hardware several times a year – and every time something significant changed (CPU, graphics, motherboard, RAM etc) MS ASSUMED I was trying to steal from them – and made me jump through hoops to prove that I was not. I’m sorry – that shit wore on me. I got really tired of “starting over” every time MS decided I had done something stupid – like buying new hardware, or, for goodness sakes – installing one of their betas!

I do run into some of these issues with MS products on my Mac right now. I can’t upgrade the office 2008 copy I bought because MS thinks someone else owns it (or something – hard to tell).

With my Apple OS’s I buy them. I install them. They work. I might even sometimes bend the rules and install the new OS on an extra machine – one I don’t have a specific license for, but want to test it on different hardware. And it works. These are normally older machines that I don’t use often/at all except for testing – so it isn’t like Apple is losing anything. But under the same circumstances MS would label me a thief – and even disable the functionality of my computer – they cripple their own product!

Microsoft treats me like a thief – which causes me a huge loss of productivity even when I absolutely have the right (per their terms!) to reinstall my SW – *MY* SW – I bought it – remember (and yes, screw the BS about “renting it – that is lame)

Anyway – upgrades work on my Mac. Betas work and upgrade easily. Windows makes it hard and accuses me of being a thief with no justification whatsoever.

So in the last 18 months I have added 7 new Macs to my household, including iPhones and an iPad. I’ve added a couple of Windows virtual machines. Because as long as I only have virtual trust with you, I’ll only run virtual instances of you.

And the way Microsoft has treated a 20+ year customer is virtually criminal.


  1. As an I.T. professional, most of the business world is Windows. Ironically, I find it easier to support my Windows users by running a Mac as my primary system. Throughout the years, I’ve studied the costs of Mac versus Windows machines. Aside from the much higher resale cost for an old, but working Mac, the cost of the Mac diluted over the number of years that it -will- last you (and do so comfortably at that) is always much cheaper per year than a Windows machine.

    To this day, I still run a 2004 model PowerMac G5 (Dual 2.0) as my primary machine. Only in a very few places do I encounter difficulties with its age and that’s usually related to the PPC versus Intel stuff.

    I enjoy Apple Remote Desktop and Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection as my way to remotely administer client computers. (Apple ARD even connects to VNC easily, so no extra software is needed to admin those connections.) Even Office 2004 for Mac seems to have better support for Office 2007 documents than Office 2003 for Windows. Ironic?

    In my experience, I’ve also noticed better Windows support on Mac hardware than on generic PC hardware. Go figure that Apple would roll a complete and much easier to install set of Windows drivers than any other manufacturer out there. Let us not forget the ability to install Windows XP on the newest Mac where most PC manufacturers refuse to help you get XP drivers for the newest stuff. Again I say, Mac stuff just works.

  2. Quote “I bought it – remember (and yes, screw the BS about “renting it – that is lame)”

    It is in the terms and conditions which by hook or by crook they get you to accept. In the real world you cannot just pick and choose. Either you agree that you are licensing the product with all the T&C restrictions or you don’t with all that it implies.

    Please don’t think I am a Windows Crusader or a MAC basher (Proud iPhone user for 2 years), I just take exception to you insisting that your perception of the Licensing Deal equates to ownership.

    As for the rest; I agree,but you forgot to mention that MACs are also very very easy on the Eye and make a Geeky Desk-space look like an Artists Studio.

    Respectfully Nick

  3. You sound like a criminal to me. .. Just kidding 🙂

    I bought my first Mac in 2000 to setup a hobbyist home recording studio. Nothing at that time on a PC could handle 12 to 20 audio tracks, and gigs of audio with such ease. The operating system then 9.0 wasn’t really all that great. That $3,500 computer is now a statue in my garage. Then after leaving corporate America for the 2nd time I bough a MacBook Pro at the end of 2007 for web design, graphic design, and internet marketing. I have even used it for video production.

    Now, towards the end of 2010 I have rejoined the corp life, and my MacBook Pro is still a workhorse for all my old apps, and also Engineering tools on Windows thanks to Parallels.

    You do pay more up front, but they will outlast any PC, and are a joy to use!

    Cheers.. J!

  4. I only used an Apple Lisa at my Dad’s house once. Is it very hard to find your files? Are you saying that you don’t spend a lot of time on updates, all that? Why is Apple’s stuff all so much more expensive? I guess because it all just works, huh? I am intrigued.

    My iPhone has become an indispensable part of keeping up. I am enamored with visual voicemail and the ease of texting. Apps that don’t make sense after a while are easy to remove.

    I am intrigued to say the least.