I watched Top Gun today…

Top Gun is probably my favorite movie of all time.  It has everything – suspense, drama, romance, music, sadness and amazing air-to-air combat video.  What’s not to love about it!

People that know me really well know what it means when I watch Top Gun.

For everyone else – I’ll fill you in tomorrow evening.  Right now I am just really enjoying this movie.



  1. Hey… that Gay Top Gun thing wasn’t mine! I merely passed on the message!
    As for editing, no, indeed, it doesn’t work anymore for us mere mortals (it appears to still work for Rob Himself). Due to this unfortunate fact, my previous comment to your (Deannie) comment in the Texas Startup post is riddled with typos.. My excuses.

  2. Gay Top Gun?!? Wow. I have no response to that Paul.

    okay, okay Rob, I have to concede that the planes are pretty hot in that picture too.

    Is comment editing not working anymore? I can’t seem to edit my comments anymore.

  3. M*A*S*H the movie, or the series – both very high on my list as well!

    The Gay Top Gun link was just wrong Paul!

  4. Oh, and “Cabaret” is on my top 10 list too! And “MASH” (the movie!).

  5. “You couldn’t be any colder!”


    Rob, Rob, Rob…


    I saw ‘contact’ last night… that’s WAY up there on MY list.
    (I liked Top Gun too, but hey.. I confess, I DID have this thing for Kelly McGillis. In Top Gun, in Witness, in The Accused (I like Jodie Foster too, of course), and in “The house on Carroll street”.

  6. 🙂 You couldn’t be any colder!


  7. Is it the hot blonde woman? Derrr….of course it is.