I wish every time I made a comment on another site…

That I would get a popup, “Would you like to add this to your blog?” – and if I say no, nothing happens – the dialog box goes away.  But if I say yes, then Windows Live writer opens – quoting my quote and track-backed to the blog I commented on – tagged with the tag I assign to remote comments.

Making it easy for me to share on my blog why I commented on another blog… and establish a track-back to that blog at the same time.

Is this too much to ask?


  1. Alex – yes, I have tried CoComment, and it’s a great tool. But as you guessed, it doesn’t do exactly what I want – it turns it into a three step process.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Have you checked CoComment? It may not be exactly what you’re talking about, but it does offer a “post comments to blog” feature …