I wonder who reads me from Texarkana, TX

I don’t know why I wonder, but I do.


  1. Hah!  I’m a dinosaur as well.  First computer was a TRS-80 Model I I earned by cleaning a Radio Shack for a summer.  Moved onto an Onsborne, etc. 

    I ran a multi-line BBS years ago – it was called BIOS II, and running it was a ton of fun (explaining why, in 1991, I had 6 phones lines was always fun when the phone company had to come out.  Come to think of it – it was interesting trying to explain that to my (then) wife as well!).

    Ah the good old days of shareware, no spyware, and almost no viruses to be found!



  2. Dwayne Scribner says:

    Well, since you are (or were) curious. I’ve been a personal computer nut since 1983 when I bought my first computer. It was a Kaypro 2x (I still have one just like it that is in perfect working order. Why? Just because.) Back in the days before the internet became generally available I used to run up horrible phone bills downloading all kinds of stuff from BBS’s all over the country. I actually worked full time doing PC service calls for 2 years. I now work at an automotive dealership answering Internet sales leads. To put it in different terms.. as computer years go I’m a major dinosaur still living. I’ll bet your curiousity has about had its fill by now so I’ll shut up. Have fun!~Dwayne

  3. Dwayne,  welcome!  I dunno why I was curious.  I get people reading from all over the world, but outside of friends in San Antonio and Austin, not many others from Texas.

    Thanks for visiting!


  4. Dwayne Scribner says:

    It is I. I wonder why you wonder. I have been a computer and tech news junkie for years.Dwayne Scribner ~Texarkana, Texas