I Would Rather Lead


  1. @Tad – glad you found it timely. So did I. It was a good reminder of why I decided to do what I d in the first place. And it is all about the people.


  2. What a coincidence!! Yesterday day i spent 8 hours in a leadership seminar put on by the San Antonio Manufacturing Association, and then this morning i look at your blog and you have a presentation posted dealing with the same thing. Leadership!! One thing I learned along time ago was that you need to lead your employees not manage them. Well, somewhere along the way I had forgotten this. I was reminded yesterday and will start today with a new outlook and a new goal. To be a leader for my people, not a Manager to them. Anyway, I strongly recommend that everyone in a leadership role attend one of these seminars, it reminded just what kind of leader I used to be. And showed me how to get back to the leader I was.