Idle notes

  • I’m back from my trip to Arkansas. Had a lot of fun, saw my Dad, and some old friends. Weather was cold and miserable and the friends were warm and wonderful.
  • Came back to a mess at work (of course). Still haven’t untangled everything that can get tangled over a three day weekend.
  • Gave my kids each a packet that contained both an apartment finder’s guide and an Employment newspaper. Not sure they appreciated the humor.
  • Way too many drivers are doing anything but driving. I saw too many people yapping on their cell phones, many eating, and even four drivers reading books! Arrest them please. Now. The speeders don’t scare me like the readers scare me.
  • Will we ever complete construction on at least one of our Interstate Highways?
  • I had one of the best meals of my life in Hacket, Arkansas. The Main Street Cafe is a small local place. The breakfast was one of the best I have ever tasted – anywhere, at any time. The ham steak was absolutely unbelievable indescribable. The Western Omelette was the best I ever tasted. The hash browns were amazing and the biscuits and gravy were perfect – not salty at all (neither was the ham, by the way). Highly recommended if you ever find yourself that far from anyplace in Arkansas! I had to stop and congratulate the cook (brother of our waitress). They were both very pleased!
  • My TomTom One XL GPS receiver (I paid $219 USD) is FAR superior in mapping rural areas than my friend’s $1300 Magellan.
  • The Escort 9500i is the best radar detector on the market. Without a doubt. I don’t own one – my traveling companion did. The 9500i was even better then my Escort Passport 8500, which I absolutely loved (some scum-bag stole it from me). I have used and/or sold radar detectors for almost 30 years. I know quality. The 9500i defines it.
  • Just because it has a mini-USB connector don’t assume that any old mini-USB charger will charge it. Although my TomTom charger charges my TomTom and my T-Mobile MDA cell phone just fine, it wouldn’t charge my friend’s phone (I think it was a Razor).
  • Paying $3.34 a gallon for gas really sucks (Lawton, OK).
  • I *hate* cold weather, and can’t understand why people suffer through it. I am glad you do though. San Antonio is big enough. And you would hate it here (78 degrees at my house today). Really, you would hate it. Don’t even think about it.

I should be able to start posting more later this week. A lot is happening, and time is compressed.


  1. About this time of year I start complaining that I am sick and tired of being COLD! In about another 6 weeks it will be beautiful out for a couple months. Come about August I will complain that I’m sick and tired of being HOT all the time. Then it’s beautiful out for a couple months. Yeah, that’s the mid-west for ya. Would change it for anything!

    Four people reading books? Really???

  2. there are those of us who can not stand to be hot more than 25% of the year, therefore we chose to live someplace where it gets cold for at least 65% of the time. In fact, you might be in a minority as there are more people who live in areas where it is not hot year round than those who do.
    please blog more.
    buying gas, period, sucks, but its how the world gets quick and reliable power.