If Google is "the search company"

Then why can’t I search through my already read Google Reader feed to find something I need now (but didn’t think I needed then)?

For that matter, I should be able to search through my own Shared Google feed.

I can’t do either – or, if I can, I don’t know how.


While I am on the subject of Google Reader (and no, I am not bashing them – I live in Google Reader for 16 hours a day – I just want it better).  So I talk about it.  In hopes it gets better.  So why can’t I read Robert Scoble’s Shared feed in the same interface I read my own feeds in?  Why not the same interface, same keystrokes to read next, share, mark as read, etc?  Why is one scenario any different than the other?

I know – I can add Robert’s feed to my Google Reader and get the RSS feed.  I don’t want that.  When I am out of things to read in my Google Reader feeds I go look at other people shared feeds – but I don’t want them in my main Reader.  Why?  Doesn’t matter – (but really, they distract me into reading blogs that I don’t really need to read for my job – that’s why).

So Google – give me an infinite search history into my Google Reader Feeds.  Let me find everything I have ever read via Reader that pertains to “Google Reader”, or whatever I choose to dig for.

Oh, and instead of just letting me “star” an item, let me give one or five stars.  Make it social.  Instead of just letting me share an item, let me add a small note as to WHY I am sharing it. Let me let my friends know why something is important to me, and how important it is to me. 

I love Google Reader.  I love BMW motorcycles.  That’s why both Google and BMW hear a lot of bitching from me on their products.  I care enough about them to bitch.