If I am not a little good, I am at least a lot lucky!

PRINTS-ONLY-POKET-KINGS-BLACK-COWBOYS-POKER-ART-ARTS-HOME-GAME-ROOM-DECOR-HOT-Poster-C11900833I’m not a good Poker player, but lately I’ve been winning more than losing. Either I am getting better, or I just have been lucky.

Texas Hold’em is a great game because you can win if you aren’t good at poker. You can even win when you aren’t lucky. Of course, you can’t sustain winning without being a good poker player AND being lucky.

But Hold’em is as much about knowing people as it is about getting a good hand. That’s what makes it so damned interesting. If you can read people, and follow the few simple rules of this game, then over time, you can win. This strategy doesn’t work well online – you can’t see the people you are playing with, and without those visual clues it is a completely different game.

While enjoy playing online, I enjoy playing at a real table, with real people MUCH more. So yesterday, while having lunch at The Flying Saucer with my two best friends, Bob and Bruce, Bruce mentioned he was invited to a poker game in Castroville, TX. About an hour from here. Even though Bob had to catch an early flight to a conference in Chicago this morning, we decided to play poker last night.

Our hosts in Castroville were great – some really nice guys. One owned a used car business, another was a doctor. One a retired Vietnam war vet, all of them interesting. There were nine of us playing.

3JUN07 004 I bought $100 worth of chips. I brought almost ten times that amount home. Kings were my lucky cards for the evening, but I won the first hand with a pair of pocket deuces. I had pocket kings three times, and won a large pot with four kings at the end of the evening. Fortunately I never had pocket Aces (I always lose my ass when I play pocket aces!)

I really enjoyed the people I played with – I hope that, despite the fact I took most of their money, they invite me back!

And thanks to Bob for driving me there, and Bruce for driving me home! Bruce brought some of his hand-crafted wine, and I needed a driver!

Although I felt the after-effect of the wine this morning, and my back is hurting from sitting on a folding chair for six hours, the stack of cash on the table makes the pain tolerable 😉

And yes – the picture above is of my take 🙂