If I Owned Digg

There’s been a lot of negativity expressed towards Yahoo and Dell recently for “implementing a Digg-like voting system”.  Why?  Almost every great site on the Internet has borrowed ideas and technology from other sites.  It’s how the web has gotten better.  It’s why we now have word processing and spreadsheet applications available online, and for free.

Digg doesn’t own voting – they never did.  They didn’t really even invent their interpretation of voting.  What they did was make is simple, and social.  But Siskel and Ebert were doing thumbs up or down years ago – they just didn’t have the ability to include so many thumbs in the process.

If I owned Digg I would be creating an open source set of Digg-Like voting modules that could be easily extended to a variety of uses.  I would build a Digg voting widget for WordPress.  I would build a Digg voting module for the popularity of photos.  Basically I would make sure that anyone that gave a thumbs up or down associated that act with Digg.  I would build a brand around my voting system -regardless of where it was used.

The Digg implementation is nice.  And it would work very well in a lot of ways outside of Digg and their business model – even to the point where people could use a Digg-like system to vote for the most appropriate tags for a blog post.  Or the most popular photo of the year.

Digg can watch people duplicate what they’ve done, or they can help people utilize what they’ve done.  They can’t stop it.  It’s just too easy to duplicate now.  Technology is making it easier every day.

So yeas – I want a Digg widget for my blog that lets you vote on the best tags, if the post was useful or stupid, if you would rather the text was in pink or the picture left or right aligned.  I would love to be able to let users decide everything from the size of a font to the widgets I have in my sidebars,

That would be cool.


  1. Interesting. No conversion from WordPress, so I doubt I would be interested in switching, but I am looking at the code for the voting system!