If I were the current Administration

I would point to this Albert Einstein quote when asked why we went into Iraq:

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

I know it may not reflect a lot of the reasons we went to Iraq, but it can surely apply.  Saddam was/is an evil man, and not one of his neighbors was willing/able to stop him.  We did, and that’s not all bad.  Sure, there is a tremendous cost involved both financially and in human life, but the truth of the matter is that there have been less people killed in Iraq since the invasion than Saddam killed in just 14 months of brutality (according to the prosecution).

I’m not trying to make a political statement – just trying to validate Einstein’s opinion in the quote above, since I do believe he was 100% right in his assessment about danger.



  1. Also: do a google on “saddam cia 1963” I’m sure you will find SOME facts that you can trust in the almost half a million hits on those keywords! 😉

  2. From the archives of the New York Times:


  3. I can tell from my server stats that I have had some visitors here that I think could add a lot of “facts” to this otherwise opinion thread. Naval War College, The Citedel, West Point, and several civilian colleges.

    Please, if anyone has real information that they can cite and add to this discussion, I would appreciate it.


  4. I told you before that I’ll trust Wikipedia with YOUR life, but not mine or my kids 🙂

    Saddam was in exile in 1968 after a failed assassination attempt he was responsible for in 1959 – he returned AFTER Arif was killed.

    Face it, neither of us was there, and we’ll never have the facts – and that is my point – you CANNOT claim that the CIA put Saddam in charge, but you MIGHT be able to claim that they created a power-void that allowed Saddam to take charge.


  5. Rob, kiddo, I TOLD you to just say “Yes Paul” and believe what I tell you.
    Quit being such a smartiepants!

    (And who are your sources anyway? That leaking Karl Rove dude?
    If your source is Wikipedia .. read it again: ” Saddam, and others overthrew Abdul Rahman Arif in the bloodless coup of 1968, again with the backing of the CIA “)

  6. But my sources tell me Saddam didn’t return from exile until 9 months AFTER the coup that changed the government in Iraq (supposedly caused by a CIA assassination). So at best, this is an indirect link to putting Saddam in power – sure, even if you assume the CIA assignation was accurate it is a stretch to claim they “put Saddam in power”. A power-vacuum put Saddam in power, but the way you phrased it made it sound like that was the “end-goal”, and I see no evidence of that anywhere.


  7. You probably won’t find many hard facts since it was the CIA who backed/planned his ‘coup’ and the CIA has this annoying habbit of not publishing facts about many of their feats.
    “Ah!” you will say, then how do YOU know it.
    Rob, kiddo, there are certain things I’m not at liberty to discuss with you. 😉
    Just say “Yes Paul” and believe what I tell you.

  8. I read a lot of references to that “fact”, and agree it is probably true – but see little hard facts.

    BTW, again, not a political statement – but it is interesting that the Democrat’s were in power in 1968 – thus muddying the waters of this issue even more.


  9. Btw .. also loose from any political statement ..

    The US removed Saddam from power.
    Any idea which country PUT this ruthless tyrant in power there, back in 1968?

    Yup. Same country.