If you don’t think this is very, very cool, then you never bought or managed a corporate phone system!

I cannot wait for this product to ship.  I will buy it for my home office even thought I am the only employee of my company.

The video is a bit long – just over 30 minutes – but it really shows the simplicity of this system. 

I’ve purchased and managed three corporate phone systems.  They were all expensive (over 100K each).  They were all a pain in the ass to manage.  They were all overly complex using a lot of terminology that I just didn’t understand.  They were all expensive enough that they were leased – which meant we had to closely track every handset so we could make sure we returned them all.

Microsoft IS changing the world.  In ways that are important to small business people like me!


Microsoft Response Point Phone System Software ? The Easy Choice

Microsoft Response Point phone system software was designed for small businesses with simplicity in mind. Backed by industry leading hardware vendors like D-Link, Quanta and Uniden, Microsoft Response Point offers a breakthrough voice-activated user interface, simplified setup and system management, and the calling capabilities your business needs.

Easy to Manage

Microsoft Response Point is easy to set up and maintain so you won’t be bogged down with confusing manuals or in-depth training. Response Point’s user-friendly management console makes it a snap for the average PC user to set up a new phone, change preferences for voicemail or call handling, or create a call distribution list. As your business grows, your Response Point system grows with you. You can easily add new phones as you hire new employees. And if you move offices, just pick up your phone system and take it along.

Easy to Use

Say goodbye to confusing key strokes and phone programming ? Just press the Response Point button and tell the phone system what you want to do. Reach anyone in the company directory or your Microsoft Outlook address book by simply saying their name. Transfer, park, and retrieve calls the same way too. Voicemail features allow you to retrieve, forward, and archive messages from your phone or your e-mail.

Easy to Buy

Response Point phone systems will come complete with a base unit, voicemail, software and desktop phones. You can use as many features as you like and add phones or extensions without paying additional licensing fees.

Microsoft Response Point features include:
  • Phone and service configuration wizards
  • Phone auto discovery
  • One-touch voice commands
  • Automated Receptionist
  • Built in voicemail
  • Voicemail to e-mail forwarding
  • Incoming call notifications on your PC
  • Microsoft Outlook contact integration
  • Two-click backup and restore

Response Point Product Information


  1. The backup/restore feature is powerful. The video was too long for me to power through but this product has my interest too! Cool find.

  2. Try spending three days in training on a new phone system that took three months to negotiate and you’ll understand what I mean.

    And as for the video – skip ahead to the eight minute mark, and about five minutes later you will “get it”.

  3. If someone needs 30 minutes to show me how ‘simple’ they are … I get skeptical… πŸ˜‰

  4. Someone just asked me why this was important. Well, I” try to answer:

    1) No pricing was announced. But even if it still cost $100K AND it allowed me easy management of my telephony infrastructure, it is huge improvement. It saves me time, and money. So even if it cost the same (I best it is 80-90% less) it is still more valuable to me.

    2) I am assuming that either the first version, or versions after, will ignore geography and treat each phone I add as if it were in my physical location. This will allow me to hire a new development team in India, or Jordan, Viet Nam – wherever – and send them phones. VoIP phones. This would be a dramatically game changing event. Instant, easy communication. At VoIP pricing. No more need to reserve online Conference Calling sites.

    3) Considering #2, add a USP port to plug in a cheap Web Cam and you’ve created something amazing.

    4) The hidden cost in every office phone system purchase is management/maintenance. New people come – others leave. People change offices. Now it takes a physical relocation of wiring in the phone closet AND programming in an arcaic environment just to add/remove an employee.

    5) Adding these voice recognition features to every small business is a HUGE leap forward in technology for them. There is no way an office of ten (or 1, or even 100) would have had access to this technology before now. It just cost too much – and needed customized for each installation. Again – a game changing shift. REAL Voice Recognition for the masses.

    Yes, I think this is very big news. And I think most people won’t realize it for 3-4 years. But a lot of vendors I dealt with on “old-school” phone systems better be rethinking their business models.