I’m fatblogging.

Jason hooked me up with Fatblogging.  Basically it allows me to make one post per day that I don’t have to put any thought whatsoever into.  I just eat, tell you what I ate, weigh myself, and tell you what I weigh.  Spectacular!

So today I weight 153 pounds, up from my ideal high-school-graduation weight from 1979 (145 pounds).

I could make it a goal to get back to 145, but to tell you the truth, I was kind of skinny back then.  So 153 works.

Oh, my diet today consisted of a pot of coffee, and a can of V-8 (12 ounce can) for breakfast.  Then I sat around for three hours playing Tiger Woods 2007 on the XBOX360 with a friend.  Then we went to the grocery store.

He has well-deserved handicap plates, so we parked close, and didn’t do much walking.  But we restocked on food.

Got home, made ham and cheese sandwiches with three kinds of cheese, real mayo, and some spicy mustard.  Had a side of pork rinds with it.

Bought candy for Easter.  Started cooking roast in pressure cooker and ate about 20 pieces of Easter chocolate. 

Ate roast, potatoes, carrots and green beans with the roast.  And fresh rolls with a ton of real butter.

Played more video games and watched a lot of NCAA basketball.  Drank too many beers.  Ate some more chocolate.

Went to bed with my normal 3 radishes (and more chocolate).  Watched TV for two hours, took a huge dump, weighed myself.

Weight = 152. Perhaps I can work harder tomorrow and lose even more.  Not sure though – today was exhausting, and I really hate depriving myself like this.