I’m having a pretty good week

I just received an email from someone that is interested in turning a series of my posts into a book.  Of course, I would have to write a LOT more, and fairly quickly.  I would have to finish the story.  And they want it all pretty much re-written to reflect the same tone/style as in part three of the series (my personal favorite part of the story – both for the uniqueness of the memory and for some of the writing).

To be honest – a motorcycle magazine approached me a few months ago – and I was just too busy to do anything with them (and they were not BMWMOA).  Writing about my stupid youth ventures isn’t really what I’m focusing on for profit right now.  I have two web sites to launch and 36 days to do it. 

So I put off the book question for now – I didn’t dismiss it, just delayed it (I think/hope).

But one of the reasons I quit trying to write software for a living is that I am just not “programmed” to go back and work on old code and fix bugs.  I just don’t enjoy it.  It is what it is, and I’ve already moved on to something else.  Just like mistakes I have made in life – I am not interested in going back and revisiting them in source code.  I want to move on.  The easiest way I know to correct my past mistakes is to do something really good today, and tomorrow.

Of course, every good programmer has to fix their bugs.  So I wasn’t a good programmer.  And any book thing scares me for the same reason – I would have to go back (again, and again, and again) and turn a bunch of somewhat disjointed posts into something that was nice and smooth.  I would have to go back and fix my bugs.  I’m not sure I am up for that.

So that’s on hold, at least for now.  But it is interesting.  To me anyway.  And since this is my blog, my interest is 90% of my motivation here 😉