I’m heading to New Orleans next week

No, not for the same reason Scoble did – I am going for fun (although hanging out with John Edwards might be fun – I wouldn’t know).

I’m going to spend a few dollars and hope I can help the economy just a little bit.  It won’t be much.

So you are all lucky – I won’t be blogging much early next week.  I’ll be on a ten hour road trip, then probably sitting in a casino watching people gamble (I do gamble, but not much – I enjoy watching other people wasting spending their money more).

I’ll see some good friends, Brenda, from Arkansas who is coming down to meet us, and Eddie, from Austin – who went to New Orleans shortly after the hurricane to help out — and he’s never really made it back to Texas yet.  I guess he still has a lot of work to do.

I’ll bring my laptop, and blog if I can.  It would be really cool to blog from the casino floor, but I know that won’t happen.  They really frown on that!

Until then, I’m sure I have some posts coming over the weekend, as we come to a close on this most remarkable year of growth in Social Everything from video to blogs to photos.