I’m not drunk enough for this

Phone rings – 9PM.  Caller ID says it is from an Ivy League College.  Early for a “drunk genius” call.

I’ve had these calls before, and even before I picked up the phone, I think I knew I would regret it.

“Yo, you the Internet dude, man?” is the first thing I heard.

Yep – I called this one half right.  Drunk yes.  Genius, no.

It’s another “two drunk guys in a dorm” call.

And they haven’t always been bad.  I have actually talked to a couple of very interesting people who called while drunk with their friends. 

But that is rare.  Normally it is just some drunk guys that think they have found a great way to get women to take their clothes off online – or a “sure thing” Texas Hold’em idea.

Normally I just find these calls funny.  Tonight though these guys were just mean as hell.  To me, to each other.  Unreal.  All that anger could be re-channeled and focused on serious business ideas.  But I doubt these guys ever do that.

They didn’t sound like over-achievers to me.

But they can dial a phone.  And I am sure they weren’t done dialing after talking to me.