I’m not old -I am just older

So my kid’s friends came over tonight.  Normally I give them the house and go to my room.  But tonight I was waiting on some friends to come back from out of town and claim their dogs.

So I played Wii Bowling with these young ‘uns.  They were all at least 18.  I am 46.

It was embarrassing how badly they were beaten.  By a man over twice there age who had already today: posted several blog posts, wrote a requirements specification document for a client, renegotiated terms of an incentive plan for a third party development team I am managing, replaced a toilet seat, got new shower curtains up, put in a new garbage disposal,  added a halogen light kit to my lawn mower and  – finally mowed the yard.  Not to mention some blog tweaks.

The Wii is a fairly physical game – but I paced myself.  I sat down between each strike, drank a swallow of beer for each spare (and two for a strike!) and generally relaxed.

My daughter warned me that my back will hurt tomorrow because I played the Wii.

The garbage disposal, toilet seat, et al just doesn’t matter, I guess 🙂

And I did all of this without a “honey-do” list 🙂

It was a good day – but my back WILL hurt tomorrow.


  1. Another observation from these young men – ALL of them use FaceBook application called but they all hate a Facebook application that allows people to rate them against other friends (not Hot or Not, but something similar. I can’t remember the name of it just now). They hate it because they on;t even have to install it to be included in the rating. Several of them are leaving Facebook just because of this one application.

    None of them use Twitter. None of them have heard of Twitter. None of them seemed interested in Twitter when I described it to them.