I’m really unhappy with the Texas Department of Transportation

I sent them the below email today. Anyone wanna bet if they call me? Anyone wanna represent me?


You widened Loop 410 near NW Military drive and threw many pieces of rebar onto my property. I’ve since broken the drive belt and bent a blade on a brand new lawn tractor.

In fact, you threw a lot of construction debris onto my property.

You owe me a new tractor belt and at least one blade.

Cost is app. $68. Please send me a check ASAP.

Thank you.

Oh – I have the re-bar, the photos, the evidence of your construction debris and honestly – of your disregard for my property, my safety, and my quality of life. $68 is a pretty inexpensive settlement.

If I do not receive a check for $68 in the next ten days, I will file suit for a variety of infractions, including littering, disregard for private property, environment abuses (used oil filters from construction equipment disposed of on my property), reckless endangerment – whatever I can find a lawyer to sue for.

Can you tell you have angered me? It’s bad enough you moved this freeway right on top of my house, and that the noise level in my back yard exceeds a constant 85dB – now, a year or two later I am STILL finding your little land mines scattered in my property!

And what happened to that noise reduction wall your initial plans promised? Where did THAT go?

As an alternative, you can purchase my property for $250,000 (as currently offered at the low, low “Buy it now” price on Zillow.com).

Please make the check payable to “Robert D. La Gesse”.

Thanks for your time – and your continued inconsideration.

Rob La Gesse
A Taxpayer


  1. “Your TxTag® sticker is the easiest, fastest way to travel on Texas toll roads”

    Texas has toll roads?

  2. I sent a follow up today after I found out what the belt would cost – wow! That is one expensive damn belt! (It is about 9 feet long):

    “Ms Lopez,

    Thank you for your response.

    I went to my tractor dealer today and bought a replacement belt. It cost $75.73 (I have no clue why it cost that much, but it did. I have the receipt). I also found that I need two replacement blades at $19.34 each. Adding in tax at 8.125% the total is $123.71 (I think – check my math!). Please update that amount to your tort department.

    As for the sound abatement – I have already tried the route you suggested. It didn’t work. Even though TxDOT employees stood in my yard and saw the sound readings at a steady 85dB with peaks over 100dB, I have gotten no relief. Is there someone else at TxDOT you could recommend I talk to about this sound issue?

    I appreciate the assistance you have given, and look forward to any other advice you have for me.


    Rob La Gesse”

  3. Well, well… I DID get a response:

    “Mr. La Gesse,

    My name is Maggie Rios and I’m answering Ms. Lopez’ inquiries. The
    damage claim was forwarded to our tort claim section in Austin for
    further handling. As far as the noise wall, please contact Judy
    Friesenhahn at (210) 615-5814 or Richard de la Cruz at (210) 615-6024.

    Thank you
    Maggie Rios for

    Laura Lopez
    Public Information Officer
    Texas Department of Transportation
    San Antonio District
    (210) 615-5839 (telephone)
    (210) 615-6115 (fax)
    e-mail: LLopez1@dot.state.tx.us

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    toll roads. Get yours here: http://www.TxTag.org

  4. That sucks when it’s one guy against “the man”. It’s a hard battle. I’ve been there a few times.

    In fact I’m trying to buy a property right now and little ole me is battling big companies for this property. Oh well, I’ll never know if I don’t try it.

    Good luck, Rob.

  5. More ARRRGH! Why is it that every time I send a complaint email to a company or entity someone is out on maternity leave!?!?!?!

    “I’m out of the office on maternity leave until Tuesday, July 17, 2007. Please contact Maggie Rios at (210) 615-5836 or Anikka Ayala at (210) 389-6771 if you need immediate assistance.


    Laura Lopez
    TxDOT Public Information Officer
    San Antonio District”