I’m trying to be a good parent – so I am eating a lot of Halloween candy

Of course, I am concerned about my children’s teeth.  I want them to have both better dental care, and more education than I had.  So I do eat as much of the Halloween candy as I can (my kids are too old to trick or treat, but there is candy I bought to give out, and stuff they get at school).

Anyway, while diligently managing this parental responsibility I opened a Baby Ruth bar – and all it had in it was nuts.  No chocolate or caramel, or whatever is supposed to be there.  Just nuts.

And that’s the kind of day I’ve had.  Just Nuts. 


  1. well, fellas, all I can say is that birds of a feather flock together. Pass the cashews…

  2. 🙂 yeah – I’m nuts.  Oddly enough knowing that pleases me somehow. 


  3. It’s also the kinda man you are…   *ducks and runs*