In New Orleans

Been here about 24 hours. Downtown is in amazingly good shape. Staying at Harrah’s – a brand new hotel, and it has HDTV in the rooms – very nice.

Tonitht is the Sugar Bowl, LSU vs. Notre Dame. There are about 100,000 extra people in town for that. I’m curious though – the SuperDome only holds about 72,000 – where is everyone else going to be? Oh yeah – the Casinos!

Speaking of he Casino – I’ve done very well at Harah’s so far. Two straight flushes playing three card poker with a max bet on the pair plus line… very nice!

Traveling again tomorrow – will post more later.

(BTW, they want $10.95 a day for Internet access in the hotel — that sucks, but I guess a casino doesn’t want you to sit in your room blogging, so I think I’ll head back to the tables!)