In other breaking news…

My 16 year old daughter whistled for the first time today.  Yes – whistled.  She has never been able to before.

So there you go.  Progress.


  1. @ReviewSaurus – I didn’t either! I have been whistling for as long as I can remember!

    Evidently, it isn’t a “natural” trait though – so I agree with you – PRACTICE! 🙂

  2. wow didnt know that whistling was such difficult task…. 😛 I guess I’ve been whistling from the age of 10. Practice practice and more practice! that’s the key for anything…isn’t it?

  3. I can’t whistle if my life depended on it!

  4. I think I am learning that whistling just isn’t something everyone can do – like raising one eyebrow!

    It’s ok though – I never made a nickel off my good whistling!


  5. I’m 17 and can’t whistle yet!

  6. Wow. I wish I could whistle… 🙄