iNetWord Editor

Through a comment link on O’Reilly’s site I found this online word processor.  I didn’t try it though because they wouldn’t let me.  Not unless I registered.

Sorry – want me to try your new stuff, let me do it before I have to tell you who I am.


Link to iNetWord Editor


  1. Sorry, didn’t see the other comments for some reason…

  2. I just went to the site and didn’t have to register. From the homepage, just click “New Document” from the toolbar at the top and you can start trying it.

  3. By George, you are correct! I never even tried to edit the page (IE 7). Nothing told me I could. Nothing indicated that I should try it.

    But I could edit the home page.

    Thanks for making me look twice, Chris!


  4. WhatchootalkinboutWillis?

    I didn’t have to register to try it (Firefox2,Mac), the default page was the editor itself. Not worth it though – Zoho and Google Docs outshine it by far.