I did an interview today with a main stream media company about “social networking consulting”.  I’m under embargo for 21 days before I discuss it (to give them time to put a story together, I guess).  It was fun.

I have another interview coming up that I’m really looking forward to (details later).

It’s interesting that I hate being interviewed in person, but I really enjoy interviews over the phone.  I guess I’m just more comfortable not having to worry about things like “do I have lettuce between my teeth” or, “is my hair standing straight up?”.  On the phone I can focus more on the questions – and my responses.

Of course I’ve always been very good on the phone.  That’s how I ran a global support organization for a number of years.

My typical in person interviews have lasted at most ten minutes.  Phone interviews?  An hour isn’t unusual.  30 minutes is probably average.

Interesting times.


  1. Me, talk? Just because you’ve fallen asleep on the other end of the phone while I am in the middle of some RIVETING story that should NOT be any type of indicator!



  2. Is this the part where we get to tease you about how much you can talk…