Introducing Windows Live Writer

I am writing this post with a new Windows Live Desktop tool, called “Windows Live Writer”. It lets you use a Windows application to create blog posts. So far, it looks pretty cool. I am having an issue with the text entry screen not resizing to the size of the main application (meaning my text is scrolling off the screen to the sides). I’m sure they will address this quickly, and simply making the application window larger “fixes” the issue for now).

It has a spell-checker (not in real time, unfortunately (crossed that out because I just found it is not turned on by default for real-time spell checking for some silly reason – go to Tools|Preferences and select “use automatic correction”) CRAP – crossed THAT sentence out as well because clicking this doesn’t actually appear to do anything. I assume it will at some point ). In any case, you can have it check all posts before you submit them, and I desperately need this! 🙂

Since I’m testing this for the first time as I am writing this post, I’m going to embed an image here, and see if it works (one of my favorite cartoons by hugh macleod of “The Gaping Void”).

It featured Auto-Save, which I also need, and you can save drafts locally, instead of directly to your blog – very nice. You can also publish the post to your blog as a draft if you wish.

It supports multiple blogs – MSN Spaces, WordPress, etc. read the Windows Live Writer Blog for details.

I started this post by telling Windows Live Writer (WLW?) that I was posting to my MSN Spaces blog. I just added my WordPress blog (basically an installation that I am considering using to replace the MSN Spaces site) and told WLW to switch to this blog – WLW auto-magically changed the look and feel of my half-completed blog entry to match the look at feel of my WordPress site instead of the MSN Live Spaces site. Very cool.

When I get ready to publish, I’ll see if I can publish this same article to both blogs simultaneously.

I just clicked on a toolbar icon called “Post Properties”, which opened a footer bar in WLW that allows me to set a date/time to post the entry, turn commenting on/off, allow or deny trackbacks, etc. Handy.

Another nice feature is the checkbox to force links to open in a new window – it would also be nice if they had a similar option to open a link in a new tab, but this is beta, after all!

I’m sure I’ll post more about this as I use it more (and I am sure I will!), but for now I’ll end it here, and leave you with a screenshot of this blog post being written in Window Live Writer!

Larger image HERE.


  1. I have always liked that particular cartoon as well