Invent This!

So I am watching Joe Versus the Volcano and I saw a really odd (to me) architectural issue It was just something odd that struck me at the moment.

But I paused the video and thought, “This would be interesting to blog about”.  But how do I blog about a frozen scene in a movie?

Why couldn’t it be as easy as me pausing my screen, hitting a button on my remote, having the scene and the corresponding links to when/where it was broadcast, a picture of the screen I paused on, and a link to the IMDB database for the movie all just plopped into my blog writer?

Wouldn’t THAT be cool? Talk about Live Blogging!

See a great play in the NBA finals?  Blog it – in seconds.  See something amazing on “Planet Earth”?  Blog it.  Right now.

Someone invent this.   If you do, I’ll use it.  Hell, I may even pay to use it.

(And please, don’t tell me why it can’t be done.  Anything we can conceive we can achieve, and if we can get to the freaking moon, we can do this!) 🙂