Irrational Courage

I love movies that show people displaying irrational courage – like Apollo 13, which I am watching now on my new XBOX HD-DVD player (the movie is even more awesome in HD, BTW!).

Bat-21 is another example that I really enjoy.  Same with Blackhawk Down (although I find that movie difficult to watch).

The thing these movies have in common, besides the uncommon  irrational courage displayed, is they are all based on real events.  Real people in unreal circumstance who not only deal with their situations – they defeat them.  They manage their own destinies through preparation, intellect, desire, etc.  They prevail against seemingly insurmountable odds.


To some extent these movies remind me of people I’ve known in my life – some of them Military figures, some people involved in charitable causes.  Others are entrepreneurs.  They all are risking something for something bigger than them as an individual.  They are all facing adversary and they just don’t seem to let it phase them.  It’s almost as if they just expect to succeed, to be “O.K.”


My only New Year’s resolution for 2007 is to be irrationally courageous when it comes to things I believe in – things I just think need doing.  Things I want to do, but may have been afraid to do/try before.


How about you – skipping the usual “go on a diet” and “quit smoking” resolutions – what truly deep an meaningful resolutions are you making (or considering) for 2007?




  1. I just don’t see the examples you cited as “irrational” since that word conveys lacking usual or normal mental clarity or coherence; not governed by or according to reason. Never may that day come for any of us!

    Those examples are truly EXCEPTIONAL, wouldn’t you agree? We should strive to be exceptional always in whatever it is that we put our minds to and I think that is what makes life interesting and challenging.

    I have never understood this concept of a New Year’s resolution. Once our eyes are opened to something excellent and worth striving after, shouldn’t it be our resolve in that instant to begin to follow through?

  2. I loved Bat-21. Great movie!

  3. I wasn’t referring to the money it would save you .. I was referring to your life.
    You have kids who need you around a bit longer!

  4. Yeah – with a buck a pack additional tax starting Monday, I quess I should consider it!

  5. Why don’t you try something rationally courageous too? (quit smoking!) šŸ˜‰

    I myself gave up on New Year’s resolutions a long time ago.