IRS: Refunds For Over 3 Million Delayed

ROB: My IRS Tax Payment will be delayed until July due to Congress’  late fix to the Alternative Minimum Tax.

If the IRS can pay late without penalty, then dammit, I should be able to as well.

More than 3 million people will have to wait until February to get their tax refunds because of Congress’ late fix to the alternative minimum tax, the IRS said Thursday. Congress put a one-year freeze on growth of the alternative minimum tax last week, shielding many middle- and upper-middle income taxpayers from first exposure to the tax. But Congress’ late action means the Internal Revenue Service won’t be able to start processing five AMT-related forms until February, delaying potential refunds for those people until that month. Between 3 million and 4 million people filed in January of last year using those forms, with many of those people expecting a refund, the IRS said.

IRS: Refunds For Over 3 Million Delayed – Business on The Huffington Post


  1. @Bruce – And WHY did he threaten to veto it? Little details you leave out of an argument don;t make your argument.

    Congress has a duty to send the President a bill the President will sign. The President has a duty NOT to sign a bill if he/she thinks it is inferior. Agree or disagree with the opinions of either, the fact of the matter is simply that Congress KNOWINGLY wrote a bill they KNEW the President would not sign.

    And that theatrical act causes millions of Americans to NOT have access to their own money for even longer. Note – these are the people who most NEED those early refund checks.

    So no – I am not protecting the President on this one – but it is too simplistic for you to take the blame from Congress and shift it to the President. Plenty of blame to go around, and in my book Congress deserves the brunt of it on this one. YMMV.

  2. It’s not quite fair to blame this on Congress alone. There was a bill out of the House that would have fixed this long ago, and would have fixed the tax debt by repealing the ridiculous hedge fund manager tax break, but NOOOOO! President Bush threatened to veto it, and the late bill was the best that could get past the Republican filibuster in the Senate, and the President’s veto threat.

    Let the ducks roost where their nests are.