Is Rob Cold?

The little weather widget is on the bottom left of my blog.  Here’s what it looks like at 6:53 this morning:



 And yes – anything under 75 degrees is too darned cold for me.

25 degrees?  Ridiculous.


  1. Chris – I’ve lived in Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, Pensacola, Palm Bay, Honolulu and Corpus Christi. Notice the only place that *usually* gets cold was Chicago – where I was a toddler, and didn’t have much to say about where I was living šŸ™‚

    Now though, I do – and it looks like I have to go even further south! Maybe Mexico. A Tahitian bar-owner? Yeah, I could do that!


  2. That’s the average temperature for winter in my area. Good thing you aren’t up here…