It is now all customers, all the time, I think

This blog started as a diary, shared with a couple family members.  It was poorly named and never meant to be branded.  It was just an outlet.  For me.  I never expected or cared if anyone read it, or paid attention.

But now it is becoming a Customer Service blog of some sort, which is cool with me.  I love talking to customers.  They are amazingly brilliant (usually).  They make me seem kinda smart, because I work hard for them, and win more than I lose.  When I help them win, it makes me look like a winner.  More important, they make me feel like I am winning.  I feel losses just as much though – so I never get cocky. (Well not too cocky, I hope).

I get paid to help customers win, and the most cashable paycheck I get is when I help customers win.  It also puts a huge smile on my face.

I’ve been thinking of what I’ve been able to do in the last year.  Helped dozens of events happen because Rackspace lets me sponsor really amazing stuff – sometimes even stuff that seems odd.  I have met the most amazing people – and built closer relations with many that I had already known for years.

I have been to a lot of great events.  SXSW, of course.  Big Omaha, which is a newfound favorite.  TechStars.  Too many to name, and I apologize for leaving people out.  Between me and my employees we have done well over 80 events this year.  That is pretty amazing.  And I am not even counting Tweet-ups,  or Rackspace centric events, Rackspace Recruiting Events, etc.

I helped build which for the very first time brought companies in our industry together to do good.  We did VERY good, but we aren’t done (feel free to go donate, the link is still valid and Haiti still needs a ton of assistance!).

I added a couple more amazing Rackers to my small team – which currently consists of five (4 Rob’s and a Rocky) but will grow to nine by the next year.

I’ve had the pleasure of hiring a cartoonist.  Sponsoring a beer festival.  Giving a child a chance to live. Or at the very least, live the rest of her life better.

I am a very lucky man, and it means a great deal to me that I have all of these opportunities.

I love that I can do all these things.  I love my company doesn’t just LET me do them.  They encourage me, and reward me  for doing good.  Not for just “making money”.

But I am also extremely happy with how many customers I get to talk to every day.  And pleased I can help many.  And very pleased that my team is growing, so I can help even more customers.

So yes, this blog has turned into a customer service blog, of sorts.  It is still about me, but much less about my stories than about my experiences dealing with customers.

It is more about customer stories now, even if I don’t name them.  It is about what they have taught me, and what I hope I can teach through my experiences.


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