It shouldn’t be 39 degrees in San Antonio in April

And in the morning it will be close to freezing.  And it is raining. Very unusual. 

Here’s the nearest traffic camera view from my house (very close, in fact).  Wet.  Nasty.  The picture doesn’t show the cold or wind.

But I have a fire going – in San Antonio – in April.

When’s global warming going to kick in?

I’m downright cold.


  1. Well, we’ll be back in the 80’s tomorrow, so it looks like I survived. I do have another log in the fire now though – it’s all of 58 here, which is our high temp today. And it’ll hold at this temp until tomorrow when the cowardly sun should come back and make life somewhat livable again!

  2. .. on the other hand .. I had the heating on in my truck this morning on my way to work.

  3. I think I’m gonna stay in Florida for a while after all…