It’s a double birthday!

A year ago today (12 AUG 2006) my son turned 18 – and this blog (in it’s current form) was born.

To be honest, it seems like a lot more than a year!

There have been:

  • 332,281 total published words from 1,454 posts (yeah – I DO post a lot, I guess – over 100 posts/month!)
  • 228 average words per post
  • 338 (23.0245%) posts contain 300+ words
  • Max words for a single post: 4990 words The Spring of 1982 – Part 3 on 2007-04-28 20:36:05

And my hat’s off to everyone that comments – you’ve made this site stay alive: there are 2,696 comments.

And today this blog turns one, and my son turns 19.

May he long outlive this blog. May he long outlive me.

And I’ve added a new feature to the blog now – it may take a few days to kick in.  But if you are viewing a single post you should see “a year ago today…” at the end of the post.  It might not work.  I haven’t tested it πŸ™‚

And the first person to comment on my new blog a year ago?  Deannie (I would love to provide a link to her, but she hasn’t blogged anywhere in months!) – who has stuck with me through a lot of stuff.  Actually, we’ve stuck together through a lot of stuff.  We’ve both had an interesting year – but we have shared much of that because of this blog, which is very cool.

And yes, Paul commented the most (imagine!) over the last year.  Sometimes it was even interesting. πŸ™‚

And I served up just over 1,800,000 page views on over 324,658 unique visits. (yeah, yeah – depends on who you ask – I am going by my server logs).

Shit – 1.8 MILLION pages served?  That’s a lot of my drivel to deal with!  Sorry about that!

In the coming days I’ll put up a poll with my favorite top ten posts – and you can pick yours.

But it may be a week until I get to it – I am going on another road trip.  To see my Dad in Arkansas, and to see my best friend’s mom (who I call and consider my “MOM 2.0”).

And yes, we’ll stop by a casino on the way home.  It is a free hotel room.  Assuming I don’t lose money.

And I never lose when I pledge to share my winnings – so in this case I am sharing with Support Your Teacher.  Remember – win or lose, they get 10% of what I win OR lose.  I lose, they win.  I win, they win.  Kids win either way.  The fact this is a local organization is just all that much better.  I hope I can find other ways to help them!  $150 is the minimum they get from me either way.

Those of you who have read this blog for a long time will understand why I love this “Support your Teacher” site so much – they are doing what I didn’t do.  I admire them (search Learning Locker to see what I mean). It’s hard to believe that it was just a year ago.  But most of my early traffic was built on those “Learning Locker” posts – something I would still like to do at some point.  With the proper help.

So thanks for sticking around, and if you are new, thanks for reading.   Once I thought I would write a blog for the masses – I’ve since realized I only need to write it for me.

Happy Birthday, blog – and Derek.  I kinda love you both πŸ˜‰










  1. Woosh! Happy birthday Derek! And, happy birthday innanimate blog with invented name! πŸ˜‰

  2. heh, I actually posted something just TODAY!

    Love this blog, glad it has stayed alive through all your consulting/rain in San Antonio/lost cable connections thank to Time-Warner/single Dad adventures.

  3. Congrats, Rob! I’m sure you’ll be infinitely more famous in an year…you know what I’m talking about! All the best in all your future endeavours!