It’s a small (too small) world

I was talking to a Patent Attorney in Houston today.  I had never talked to him before.  About twenty minutes into our conversation he announced, “Hah – I found your blog – I knew I knew you!  You are the guy that was so pissed at Microsoft.”


Yes.  I hope I’m not forever known as the guy that got pissed at Microsoft though.  I use Microsoft products every day – even though I have recently added a little bit of Linux into the mix.  I *like* Microsoft products.  I use a lot of them.  I run Windows on most of the machines in my house/business.  I know Windows.  I have decades invested in it.  I know how to make money off of it – and that’s important to a consultant.  I gotta eat.

It’s not surprising that a company I rely on so much will piss me off now and then.

We often get more angry at those that are closest to us. It’s natural.

But just to be clear – I am not pissed at Microsoft.  Sure, I was.  But I’m over it.  I’m more interested in something else now.


  1. Something about getting legitimately angry does capture attention.