It’s cold here!


Most highways are closed, flights are barely moving at the airport.  All the schools are closed.  We’re expected to stay under freezing until sometime this afternoon.







 You shouldn’t see this in San Antonio!









This is a picture of one of the TransGuide traffic control signs – almost every one of them say the same thing.





 Screen shot from the local NBC affiliate – this is about 6 miles from my house.  It’s not quite so nasty here – but it is raining again now…


  1. Well, be careful going home – it’s not getting any prettier out there (snowing hard in Kerrville right now)

  2. @Rob – I’m the boss. Plus i’ve got students in from the Navy and i don’t have any lee-way in their training schedule. I did just bring in 5 out of 32 employees today.

  3. @Tad – what the hell did you go to work for? Me, I’m not going anywhere!

  4. Try driving from the NE side to Hondo. 60 miles took me 2 1/2 hours.

  5. Adam – you know San Antonio – it’ll probably 70 degrees next week!

  6. Wow, it wasn’t like that when I left last week! I grew up in SA and I can remember the first year I lived there (1985 I think?) when there was a “huge” snowstorm. We had just moved from Cleveland and were the only kids on the street (city?) with sleds!

    Of course, now I live in Switzerland and it is like that all the time here!

  7. I know, it’s the old argument “yes, but here they’re not used to it”

    Maybe you should get out with your camera: I bet there are plenty of people in San Antonio right now with their tongues stuck to a light pole … 😉

  8. I imagine they would! I remember when we had the big snow storm in 1985. The Mayor at the time (Henry Cisneros) came on TV and shut the city down for 24 hours. People got a good laugh at that. But heck, when it only snows once every 20 years or so, it doesn’t make much sense to have things like snow plows! So we waited for it to melt.

    Pretty much what we’re doing with the ice now – although with a projected high of 34 degrees (F), I doubt very much it’ll melt. And more rain and cold projected for tonight…

  9. Schools closed?
    People in Alaska would laugh their asses off!