It’s interesting what Google sends you

For example – I received a number of hits today from Google for searches like, “Walmart sensor tags your rights”, and “anti-theft tag defense”.

I even received an email from someone asking if I could help them fight a “totally wrong” arrest for accidentally” walking out with “tagged” merchandise.

No, I can’t.  I am not expert on tags or RFID.  I just don’t like it because I know it will be used to invade our privacy.  That doesn’t mean I have an interest in helping someone who is charged with shoplifting.  It’s just really not “my thing”.  I know very little about the law (except that I don’t walk out of a store with stuff I haven’t paid for – I know that is wrong).

I also don’t have any video of Steve Irwin’s death.  Sorry.  About 4,000 hits for that since he died.  Sick.

I don’t have free keys for Windows Vista (hey, Microsoft was giving them away, why would you expect to find one here?)

The Internet really is a creepy place at times 🙂