It’s no secret I love the XBOX 360

I made ANOTHER call to XBOX Live Support today.  Talked to a representative for 30 minutes.  He put me on hold.  For a LONG time (more than ten minutes).

But he came back with a manager.  A manager with a solution!  The manager simply re-set the bit on my credit card from “bad” to “good”.

And just like that my XBOX Live account is valid again.  The same thing I asked a manager to do a week ago.

But it works now, so I am happy about that.

It should not have been this difficult for me to give Microsoft money. 

But seriously – someone from Microsoft fix this.  It is COMPLETELY stupid.  And I am completely tired of it getting in my way.

Get it out of my way.

Where in the hell is ?The Blue Monster? when you need it?  The Blue Monster should have one job right now – fixing stupid problems.  Like this one.

Take my money.  Let me play.  I AM willing to pay.  You just gotta fix your system and we can all be very happy again!

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