It’s no secret I love the XBOX 360

So why doesn’t Microsoft love me?  Search here for all my XBOX posts – with the exception of watching my first purchased videos and the fact that MY FUCKING ACCOUNT IS STILL LOCKED OUT – I “LOVE” XBOX.

Yeah – no help from Microsoft since XBOX Live support hung up on me last week – although I was (finally) able to change my expiration date for my credit card.

This is SO simple for Microsoft to fix – send the charge through again! IT IS THAT EASY!

Instead I have an XBOX and TWO XBOX 360’s that I can’t fully use – because Microsoft WILL NOT TAKE MY MONEY!

This is so stupid I can’t believe I have to bring it up AGAIN!

But it seems I do.  And yes – I do know the names of some fairly high level Microsoft people – and yes, I will email them if I have to.  I should not have to.

I did send another email to XBOX Live support – and they told me I needed to call them.  Uh… ok.  But if I call you, are going to help me or hang up on me?  History shows you will hang up.

Bill Gates, call me (you know the number – it’s on your decoder ring).  This just isn’t acceptable.  If you can’t manage the billing for my god damned VIDEO GAME how in the hell do you think I will trust you to bill me for my online applications?  For my “Live” everything?

Bill, fix this – THEN call me.  Because if you call me before you fix it we will just argue.  And you know how I hate arguing with you!

But seriously – someone from Microsoft fix this.  It is COMPLETELY stupid.  And I am completely tired of it getting in my way.

Get it out of my way.

Where in the hell is “The Blue Monster” when you need it?  The Blue Monster should have one job right now – fixing stupid problems.  Like this one.

Take my money.  Let me play.  I AM willing to pay.  You just gotta fix your system and we can all be very happy again!


  1. It’s no secret I love the XBOX 360 […]</p>