It’s spring. But I can’t kill the ecosystem

This is a Google Maps picture of my house.  My pool is outlined in red.

Notice it is green, while my neighbor’s is blue?  That’s because my pool sucks – it’s sick.  In fact, it is dead.

I’ve kept it drained all winter, in preparation for a hopeful demolition this summer.  We had some serious storms this past week, and I got about seven inches of rain.  That added about twelve inches of water to the 5-6 inches that had accumulated in the bottom of the pool (don’t ask me how the math works – but 7 inches of rain DOES = 12 inches of water to my pool!)

So I went out to drain water from the pool this evening and I found life.  Lots of it, in fact.  There are frogs – too many to count.  And there are fishes (they aren’t tadpoles, I caught one to make sure – they are fishes).  They are tiny, but they are gilled fishes.  How they got there is a mystery.  And a ton of water spiders of different types that are all pretty cool to watch – they look as if they aren’t spending any effort, yet they move quickly across the muck.  I’m sure the frogs love them (when they can catch them).

So I couldn’t bring myself to empty their ecosystem.  I’m just hoping the frogs are plentiful enough to kill off the inevitable mosquito invasion that will take place sometime early this spring.  Maybe it’ll all balance out.

But as soon as I can manage to get this pool removed, I will.  And the frogs and fishes will have to find a new place.  Bummer for them.  But for today, they are spared.  Because I couldn’t bring myself to kill anything today (but if you drive a yellow Cadillac and I find you just once more driving 48 MPH in the fast lane yapping on your freaking cell phone, you are fair game.  You know who you are).

So my pool is very, very much a shade of St. Patty’s day green.  But it’s an intact ecosystem (for now).

Luck of the Irish to you!