I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day…

Ever since I was a small child and I was forced to create “I love you” cards for every kid in my class. It was a big lie then, and it is often a big lie now.

I certainly didn’t “love” everyone in my 2nd grade class. Some of them I didn’t even like. But I was forced into the big lie early in life, and grew a distinct distaste for it.

The fact that it is a “Hallmark Holiday” – designed only to separate us from money – to the benefit of huge corporations – doesn’t make me care much for it either.

So my loathing of this day goes way, way back. When I met my now-ex wife in 1981 I made it pretty clear (I thought) while we were dating that “I don’t do Valentine’s Day“. And for 18 years of marriage, I didn’t.

And it was seven years ago tomorrow when I walked into the house after work and my now-ex told me, “I want you to leave”. So I did. The fact it happened on Valentine’s Day certainly doesn’t enamor me to this fake Holiday anymore now then it did when I was in the 2nd grade.

But seriously – I don’t get it – if your relationship is based around an annual “Lemming’s Love Day” then what does that say about your relationship?

Why Feb 14th? Why not June the 2nd?

Don’t let the media/merchants tell you when, where, or how to show your love. If you need a “Holiday” to force your partner into a gesture of caring then you probably need to rethink who your partner is.

If you love someone, they should know it every day. Not just tomorrow. Tomorrow is a meaningless page on the calendar that is quickly turned and forgotten.

Today is more important.


  1. David Leach says:

    I got engaged on Valentine Day 21 years ago! 🙂

    I usually do flowers. This year I ordered flowers from Barcelona (not that the flowers are from Barcelona… I’m in Barcelona… got to luv the internet).

  2. I completely share your feelings about Valentine day. But, as I have found out myself, you can be BOTH rational AND insensitive. Insensitive defined as not taking into account other person’s feelings or expectations.
    When a friend comes up to you and informs you that he has colon cancer and less than a year to live, you can pat him on the back and say, “Well, we all have to die of SOMEthing” … While that’s a perfectly rational approach to the situation, I’m sure you’ll have to agree that it’s ALSO quite insensitive.

  3. @Tracy – a few years ago I met a woman in early February. We broke up just after Valentine’s Day. I didn’t buy her anything/do anything special for her (or me!) on V-Day. She told me I was “insensitive”. We went out twice.

    I wasn’t insensitive – I was “rational” – and I know – some people hate that shit!

    I haven’t heard from her since.

  4. Exactly!!