I’ve been (quietly) having fun!

I know I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve just been having a lot of fun learning about cloud computing, talking to customers, and working with employees.  I’ve missed that.  Especially the last part.

My kids are at the stage that they don’t really think I have anything to teach them anymore :)  The people I work with are older, and smarter, and believe that I do. So I have been having fun trying to lead them.

And I am finding new ways for us to talk to customers.  Twitter has been great, but a CampFireNow account has proven to be very useful – especially with Twitter.  I get a customer engaged on Twitter, and invite them to CampFireNow – where we can have a quicker, more intimate conversation.  We both win.

I’ve also been talking to more customers (and even competitors) 1:1.  Trying to help us all build a better cloud.

But I’m really having fun.  Talking to customers and trying to set an example to co-workers.

Work should be fun.  Or you shouold change jobs.